Upcoming Events/Registration

Please review our Refund Policy at the bottom of this page before registering. Thank you!

Pursuit For Truth - First Level Events

Marriage Pursuit for Truth

Marriage Pursuit for Truth will cover the same materials as the Women's and Men's Pursuit events. It is designed simply for couples who would prefer to attend Pursuit together. Therefore if both spouses have attended Men's and Women's Pursuit, please register for our 2nd Level Marriage Event - UNITY.

If one or both have not attended an individual Pursuit, then this one is for you!

$595 - one spouse has attended Pursuit prior

$790 - both spouses have not yet attended a Pursuit event

Location: Ceta Canyon, TX

Register Here for MP1 | May 2-5

Second Level Events

Men's Battle Readiness

Women's Eshet Hayil

Marriage - Unity

If BOTH husband and wife have not yet attended a first level event, please register for Marriage Pursuit for Truth.

Unity is designed as a 2nd level event where both husband and wife have attended Men's, Women's, and/or Marriage Pursuit.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of events, all ministry expenses occur before events begin - venue rental, materials, food, etc. Therefore, REGISTRATION IS NON-REFUNDABLE. Although, if for any reason you are unable to attend the event which you registered for, we will be happy to move your registration to another event within a 12 month time period.

Echelon Front Leadership

Learn how U.S. Navy Seals LEAD on WIN. The combat leadership lessons for life and business can be implemented by absolutely everyone.
Discounted rate for Veterans and 1st Responders (use code FIRST2024).
๐Ÿ“Amarillo, Texas
๐Ÿ“ Friday, Sept 27, 2024
๐Ÿ“ 8am-3:30pm

Register Here